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Massage function

The warm water - warm air cleaning, when combined with the massage not only produce a pleasant relaxing sensation, but stimulate circulation, capillary growth and health, for helping to relieve such conditions as hemorrhoids and constipation.

Maximum cleanliness

As thorough as a full cleansing but limited to the one sensitive region. It is not only more comfortable than tissue, but it cleans more completely by affecting areas that might be passed over by tissue due to personal anatomical features such as wrinkles.

Heighted defense against bacteria

Minute areas within skin folds that frequently go untouched by tissue cleaning can provide an ideal propagation area for bacteria. The bidet can reach all such areas and removes the potential threat to health.

Defense against other common diseases

Bathrooms typically house numerous parasitic and bacterial threats to urinary and lower gastro-intestinal tract health. Only the thorough cleansing provided by bidet technology can ensure these threats have no opportunity to become real.


Thoroughly cleaning heat and refreshing coolness provide the perfect solution for the modern woman's personal concerns.


The synergistic effectiveness of hot water combined with hot air both helps to protect sensitive areas against disease and ease recovery from any existing conditions.


For the elderly and otherwise infection prone, this hygienic advance offers the additional assurance of a healthy life.


The gentle hot water cleansing and enjoyable massage effect encourage healthy, regular and clean toilet habits in children.

Advanced remote

You can control your bidet's temperature and pressure features with the click of a button using either the attached or wireless remote control.


Coral Inc. bidets include a perfect, gentle water stream, warm air dry, and temperature-controlled seats.

Green technology

Coral Inc. bidets' self-cleaning features use less water and minimize the use of detergent. They also reduce the amount of toilet paper used in a household.

Ahead of its time

As of 2010, more than 72% of Japanese households had installed bidets, commonly known as “super toilets.” Enjoy the best of Japanese technology and join the movement for better health and hygiene.

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